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Stella Says goodbye

Camp Stella would like to say a big thank you to all of those who have participated in our camp, come to our meetings, or supported us over the years. We have had an amazing adventure with you all! Camp Stella is shutting its doors and will no longer be coming to the playa. 

If you are interested in camping with a sober community at burning man, never fear! There are some amazing camps that provide a sober community to burners. We hope to see you in the dust!

For information on other sober camps, you can visit:

Anonymous Village:

Run Free:



Camp Stella will no longer be coming to the playa. 

Camp Stella was a Burning Man theme camp of diverse queer and queer-friendly folks who have agreed to experience Burning Man clean and sober. Some of us were active in AA or other 12-step programs. Others were not. Camp Stella hosted 6 open AA meetings during the week of burning man. All were welcome to attend and join.

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